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Thursday, 1 June 2006

.::Jazzy's Music Codes::.

Kate:Gio you dropped a present!

Gio: Hey look, chocolate!

-Gio and Kate

Lauren: What are we doing in the Gorilla Exibit?

Anna: We're looking for Natty!

-Anna and Lauren in the Zoo

Gio you dropped some CRAAAAAA!

-Kate trying to say 'Crap'

Save the ice cream! TAKE ME!


Christmas Tree vs. Anna. Christmas Tree: 10, Anna: 0


Purple Chickens/Coco puffs!

-Serina sleeptalking

I made a puddle

-Jen, Anna and Mandi

Anna: *throws a bottle of red juice, and it

splatters all over Edwin*

Edwin: Anna! *Grabs shoulders, spinning Anna around

to face him, then points to his pant leg* LOOK AT


-Edwin and Anna

Jacob: Well Nick doesn't have any armpit hair either

Ms.G: Nick, is there something you'd like to tell


Nick: *Turns around, shouting all the way across

the room* I swear, I had nothing to do with her


-Jacob, Nick and Ms.G

Are you babysitting me?


That's bull! I totally killed him, like twelve

times! But he just stayed up like my balls never

hit him. Then his little silver ball hit my shoe

and I'M dead? I think not! And he got to hide

behind those tree-table things the whole time!


-Anna in History

Yeah, like I loathe Anna and she loathes me

-Dan, telling the rest of the stupid class what

Loathe means, and sucking at it

Anna: Only in America can a poor black boy grow up

to be a rich white woman.

Gio: I hope your not talking about me

Anna: No, you already got it down

Gio: What?!

Anna: I mean the rich part.....and the other parts.

-Gio and Anna

Gio: Anna

Anna: Hm?

Gio: Anna!

Anna: Hm?!

Gio: Anna!!!!

Anna: Freakin' HMM?!?!

-Gio and Anna




-Cheyenne,Anna and Lauren

Anna: Jamie it's jammed!

Jamie: *Slams locker* Not anymore

-Anna and Jamie

Drummer.......Drummer boy!

-Jamie and Anna in the car



I wanna be your daddy!

-Anna to Kate

Hey Wettie Girl! Since you wet my seat, can I have


-Anna talking to a random wet person

Look at me! Aren't I pretty!!!

-Jamie after sleep deprivation

Mommy look! It's a shaggy doggy! Oh wait, that's a


-Anna when about three

Everybody's a cricket!


Is it a her? It's a she! It's a hershe!


It's like telling one of the track runners to run

around the circle one more time.

-Anna trying to get out of something

Turn around, Doofus!


But don't tell Heather, I don't talk to dogs. At

least, not your dogs

-Anna to Jamie

Joey + Chris O + Josh = Larry!


Anna: Jamie, what's Carbination?

Jamie: *Shakes the bottle furiously then openes it

and it spills everywhere* THAT'S Carbination!

-Anna and Jamie

You're a PHHHHHHT!


It just didn't like my profanic smiley face!

-Anna talking about the computer

Joey you're S.M.A.R.T!


I love Sucking It In!


Anna: Hey, I know her. Kelsy

Jamie: You named the tree?

-Anna and Jamie on the Spider at Elitch Gardens

I like to meet cute boys with my clothes ON thank


-Anna to Jamie

Yeah I'll flirt with you

-Jamie to Anna

*The Bee Mance/ Bee Menace Two: Revenge of the

Yellow Jacket.*

-Anna and Jamie

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Updated: Wednesday, 12 July 2006 9:26 PM MDT
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Wednesday, 31 May 2006

There's no 'N' in Normal!


Do you know how to spell 'A'?

-Holly to Jenn

Your donkey's ajar


Hover turtles!!!!!!!!!



-Anna attempting to spell Princess

Hey FATTY! You wanna twinky FATTY?! How about a

chocolate twinky, FATTY?!

-Nichole to her sister

Anna: Nurph!

Jen: That's Nurph's name

Anna: Thus Nurph being Nurph's name

-Anna to Jenn

Anna, you're picture makes him look like an elf!

-Jamie about Legolas(An elf)

Anna: We're over a hundred now, I think

Alexandria H: How do you figure?

Anna: Well ten times two is fifty, fifty squared is

one hundred, and one hundred plus one is one

hundred and eleven.

Alexandria H: Uh....ok.......Wait a second!

-Anna and Alex trying to figure out how many pokes

there were in their poking war

Anna: I hate you

Jamie: I hate you to

Anna: I'm never gonna talk to you again

Jamie: Me either

Anna: So you're not gonna talk to yourself?

Jamie: You talking to me!

Anna: Hey, wanna come with me to the movies?

Jamie: Sure why not......what were we talking about?

- Anna and Jamie

Anna: I want some beeferoni

Jen: You wanna eat my dog?!

-Anna and Jenn at a sleep over


-Uh, just about everybody

Anna: What?

Jenn: What?

Anna: What?

Jenn: What?

Anna: What?

Jenn: What?

Anna: What?

Jenn: MOO!

-Anna and Jenn

Respect My authority!

-Anna and Jenn

I told you Jew boy, I told you if we missed

Christmas we were gonna have a throw down! I told

you now lets go! *Gets




What? Peter Pan laid an egg for Tinker Bell?


Anna: So what are you doing for your Sweet Sixteen?

Jamie: You make me sound so OLD!

Anna: Why? Bacuse you are?

-Anna and Jamie

Edwin: Gio and Chris are sexually active

Chris: What's that?

Anna: It's when you wanna hump every girl you see

*Gio's eyes get wide and stares at Anna*

Anna: Ahh! Don't look at me like that!

-People at lunch

Gio: How do you spell King Kong?

Everyone Else: L-A-N-C-A-S-T-E-R

-All my friends walking down the hallway

Anna, I'll make you straight!


Gio: Daria's noodles taste like.......noodles

-Gio and Daria

This casadilla smells like..........JOEL! EWWWWW

I'm not eating this! I'll die!

-Anna smelling a cafeterea casadilla

*Gio looks at Anna who sniffed.

Gio: *Sniff*

Anna: *Sniff*

Gio: *SNIFF*


Gio: *Sucks up fake snot*

Anna: *Sucks up fake snot while pushed hand up

against her nose*

Gio: *Siffs fake snot while pushing hand from

finger tip to wrist*

Anna: Sniffs fake snot and pushed hand up to


Gio: *Sniffs fake snot and pushed hand to the back

of his head, pretending to smear snot all the way

back there*

Mr.Lancaster: That has got to be the SICKEST thing

I have ever seen.

-Gio, Anna, and Mr.L in Math Class

Louis: Lauren's going into LABOR!

Lauren: *BUUUUURP*

-Everyone hiding in a band room playing pass out.


-Everyone in choir

Daria: Gio's my kid.

Anna: I don't wanna know.

Daria: Lancaster's the dad

Anna: Now I really don't wanna know

Gio: Yeah, how else do you explain my monkey


Anna: I dunno, and I don't want to

Daria: I got trapped on an island with King Kong

and got desprate. Nine months later Gio showed up.

Anna: EWWW, Didn't need to know this.....wait, why

was Lancaster on the island?

-Daria and Gio telling Anna the story of Gio's birth

Anna: Where's Tyler?

Gio: He died and is burning in H-H-H- HEAVEN!

-Anna and Gio in math class

Anna: What are you doing here after school?

Curtis: I'm on the wrestling team

Anna: Oh cool, I didn't know what!

Edwin: Oh yes, you go after school everyday to

watch him.

Anna: No I don't I watch someone else. I have a

crush on one of your team mates

Curtis: Really? Which one?

Edwin: Who's Curtis?

Anna: HE'S Curtis

Curtis: I am.

-Edwin, Anna and Curtis

Captian Spooky sister's friend

-Anna and Ms.G

How do you spell freaking CATORCE?!?!

-Anna in Spanish

But that would make a RED tomato!


Beanifer, get out of the road!!!

-Anna and Jen's sister

Anna: I'm going to be either 1) A Writer or 2) An

Evil Dictator of the world

Jen: The second one

Anna: Yeah, I'm thinking that one too

Jen: So what can I rule?

Anna: Well California is going to Mandi and Lauren,

Curtis gets just about anything he wants, mostly

because anyone who stands in his way he blows up.

New Zealand is going to Either Gio or Mandi, forgot

which, Edwin gets Mexico, so what's left that you


Jen: Uh, can I rule the Roos? (Meaning Austrailia)

Bow roos bow!!!!

-Anna and Jen

Posted by insidejokes04 at 11:26 PM MDT
Updated: Wednesday, 12 July 2006 10:02 PM MDT
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-Katy and Anna in second grade

Tara(Only two):My car!

Jen: SHE gets a car?! Why can't I get one?

Mom: You're not old enough

-Jen,Tara,and Jen's mom in the car

(Tara's inner thoughts (If she could say anything))

I'm mad! *Boom!* *Hits head against

door/chair/wall/animal/randome people/etc

-Tara's anger issues

Anna: Shut up Gio! You suck! *SLams locker so hard

it brakes and Gio gives her a strange look.*

Gio: You have a-

Anna: Don't even say it!


Mr.Rochester: Ms.Anna has anger issues, doesn't she?

Anna: I do NOT have freaking bloody anger issues?

Would you people get off of it? Jeez.....*Notices

she had slammed the pencil so hard againt the desk

it broke*

-Anna in school

Holy Freaking Bloody Crap Man!

-Anna's newest phrase

(Talking in half english, half double-dutch)*Blah

blah blah* Curtis is so *blah blah blah blah* man

he's hott! *blah blah blah* mine! *blah blah blah

*future with him.

(Curtis walks down the hall, looking at me


-Anna talking to Lauren after school

*Anna walks toward the doors of the theater, and

both her ankels and knees give way*

Anna:Ah! The floor, it comes with haste!

Mandi:And it looks so funny from here!

-Anna and Mandi walking out of the moive

*Kate's walking out of the room, then falls over*

Kate: *Turns to Joe who is behind her* You did NOT

see that!

Joe: Oh, but I did!

-Kate, Joe, and Jen walking out of church

*Jen goes to walk up the dirt stairs and falls on

her face*

Anna: Oh my gosh, that made my day!

Jen: What? Just because I'm not sober enough to

walk up three inch dirt steps, you become ecstatic.

-Anna and Jen stalling so Kate can talk to

Chris.*cough* her obsession*cough*

Anna: Alex, for the last time. THERE IS NO WORLD


Alexandria H: Yes, there is! I know it......Maybe

-Anna and Alex, arguing for a whole class about


If you want a red chicken, just slap a normal one.

-Jen to Mandi

Jen: Hey, hey, what's that?

Anna: Is that....MONEY?

Jen: It's twenty bucks!

Anna: Quick, get it before someone else see's it!

(Inside joke: We went to the movies and GAINED 20


-Anna and Jen getting out of the car

*Singing to the tune Marry Had A Little Lamb*

Ms.Castor has a chick-en nugget, chick-en nugget,

chick-en nugget! Ms.Castor had a chick-en nugget we

never saw it again! Ms.Castor has a large doughnut,

large doughnut, large doughnut, Ms.Castor has a

large doughnut, she shoved it down her throat!

Ms.Cator has a family size pizza, family size

pizza, family size pizza! Ms.Castor has a family

size pizza, we never saw it again! Ms.Castor has a

12 ft sub, 12 ft sub, 12 ft sub! Ms.Castor has a 12

ft sub, she shoved it down her throat!

-Jen, singing at 5 am to Anna and Mandi, who join in

Oh no, it's getting windy! Better tie Joey down!

-Jen to friends

Louis: Yeah, well you can only afford a card board

box for a house!

Anna: Hehehe, and everytime the wind blows you move

a couple of developments over.

Kate: And when an especially large storm comes, you

move out of state!

-Anna, Louis, and Kate to Jen

Anna: Jen! Come here Jen! *whistles* Here Jen!

Thomas: What, is she your dog?

Jen: I'm not a dog!

Thomas: *Barks*

Anna: *Slaps thomas* At least she's not a pig!

-Anna, Jen and Thomas at a party

(Thomas goes car surfing and falls off)

Anna: Nice! Did you have a nice trip?

Jen: Awesome fall weather we're having!

-Anna and Jen laughing at Thomas being stupid

Thomas: *Barking at Jen a couple weeks later*

Jen: I'm gonna slap you!

Brady: *Slaps Thomas hard, then runs

Jen: Wohoo! Points to brady!

-Jen, Brady and Thomas at church

That was a great toaster

-Charmed inside joke

Page: What? What's the emergancy?

Piper: Oh nothing. You boyfriend tried to kill my

husband, demons making another attempt on our

lives, and the Avatars are taking over the world.

Nothing new.

Page: *Looks relieved* Oh good. I thought it was

something huge

Cole: Don't touch my pumpkin

-Cole to a demon

(Joey does a baywatch run to the slide)


Joey: Looks like Ms.Castor's hungry. She'll have a

Chicken on a stick(Joey) Emilee ala fredo, and a


Josh: *Looks insulted* I'm not a smurf!

Jen: I'll buy a nice white hat for you, and choke

you to turn you blue.....You're already short

enough for the job!

-Jen,Joey,Emilee, and Josh

Anna: I see your retardedness, and I raise you

three freaks *Shoves Gio, Lauren and Edwin forward*

-Anna talking to Daria

Mandi's licking her pouch!

-Chris G being a freak

Anna: You and Chris(her cousin Chris, NOT our

friend) can marry, and movie to the mountians of

Arkensaw to have you 18 lovly children. Bob, Billy,

Fred, Wilma, Gurtrude, Bethany, Beatrice, George,

Joe, Mary Lou, Susanna, Martha, Ken, Colby, Joel,

William, Almirah, and Prescott!

-Anna talking to Lauren about her cousin that has a

crush on her

Jen: Uh-oh! Megan got a burrito again!

Joey: Maybe she'll win this time!

Jen: So far it's Megan: Zero, burrito: five!

Joey: Hey, never underestimate the underdog! They

always come back to bite you in the......

-Joey and Jen making fun of Megan's burrito antics

I have wonderful teachers.....One's a cave

troll.......One's a creature from the black lagoon,

and the other's an anceint artifact.....where do

they find them?!

-Jen making fun of her teachers

Kate, I'm so glad you have a breathing problem! I

mean, It'd suck if you died, but now we don't have

to go to that lame Arts and Crafts thing!

-Anna to Kate during Girls Camp.

Jamie, how do you spell A-B-C-D-E-F-G?

-Anna and Jamie

Joey knows Ms.Castor isn't wearing a bra.....but we

won't say HOW he knows....

-Anna to Mandi about Joey seeing Ms.Castor bend


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Anna:How about I get Hatty and you get Mushroom


Jen: But he's you COUSIN!

Anna: No, my step-third-cousin from my step

grandma's side!

Jen: Well I still don't like Mushroom Head....He

reminds me of a fungi

-Anna and Jen in Montanna

Anna:Have you seen Phantom of the Opera/Date

Movie/Ice Age2/? (Separate times)

Jen/Jamie:Yes, with you!

-Anna's absent memory.

Burger King Dude!

-Lauren and Anna

You look like a fish!

-Anna to Jen

Jenny L:Where's my purse? Guys, I really need my

purse! GUYS!

Us: Look in your hand

Jenny L: It's not there!

Us:Other hand

Jenny L:......Oh

-Jenny being stupid

OOOOOoooo, shiney! *Falls on head* OW!

-Jenny L falling off the swing

The bunny people!

-Jen's class

Earthquakes in L.A!

-Jamie and Anna

Class: Where's Ms.Castor?

Alex: I think I hear her comming.....or is that


-Alex in Jen's class

Spiked Goldfish/Smoothie

-Anna and Lauren

Jen:*Boink*(The noise)

Mariah: "Boink, boink! See, I can do it too!"

-Jen and Mariah

Ms.G: So no matter what, you can't lose your focus.

Even if Shivley were to strip and run in front of

us singing "Born to be Wild."

Anna: *Disgusted look* Yuuuuum

Ms.G: Did you just say yummy?

-Anna being humiliated in band

Ten points for the freak with the green mohawk!

-Anna giving points for pedestrians run over

You could be internally decapitated if you keep on

doing that

-Jamie to Anna when Anna cracks her neck

Louis: Shut up you stupid Llama!


-Louis and Dane in Spanish

Jen:I don't know, I think I want to be a

*squeak*GIRL*squeak* today!

Anna: Yeah, totally M.J

-Anna and Jen making fun of M.J

Lauren: Lemme read your shirt

Anna: *Sticks out boobs, because that's where the

writing is*

Ms.G: *Walks by* Well honey, if you got it, flaunt

it guess

I'm not a girl!!!


Anna:He's so hott!

Jen: And that's like your fifth two-demensional

crush, right?

Anna: No! He's my sixth!

-Anna and Jen watching cartoons

you shot me.... you shot me in the arm!

-Jen and Anna

Joey:I don't like green day

Jen and Anna together(unplanned)*gasp and pull

back, putting a hand to their mouths*

-Jen,Anna and Joey in the car

AMEN!(Together and unplanned, throwing fists in the

air )

-Anna and Jen listening to Green Day in a silent


Nina:Can you do hard core?

*delayed reaction*...(then together and unplannd)


-Nina, Anna and Jen in Y.W

Anna: Say it! Say Austrailia!


Anna: Wait...OH CRAP! I mean Estas Park!

-Jen and Anna in Y.W

Jamie:Anna I'm yellow!

Anna: Uh-huh....and we're both soaked, and I'm warm

right here *rubs insides of thighs*

-Anna and Jamie in the car

Anna: Look Jamie, It comes out! *Pulls on the

chicken wing until it comes away from the body.)

Jamie: *Points at chicken crap* Yeah, it really


-Anna and Jamie on Jamies roof with live chickens

(don't ask)

Don't get mad at me just 'cause I'm black!

-Jen, who is VERY white

Alfonzo: I had a hat that was like....Zach white

Johnny:And Jesse threw it in the garbage, and it

came out.....ME black

-Alfonzo and Johnny talking to Jen

Jen:Don't poke it Joey!

*Joey pokes it and guts go all over their report*

Jen: *Screaming, then calms* You better redo it for


-Jen and Joey disecting a rat

*Megan goes to stove to cook eggs.. threy're

already ready to cook sitting there.... megan walks

away, waiting for them to cook then comes back in

ten minutes*

Megan:Jenny they won't cook!

Jenny L: You have to turn the stove on!

-Megan and Jenny L trying to cook

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Unkey Munckle!!! -Jen and Anna If I had my MONEY, which I DO.... -Jamie and Anna Is Electricity an Element? -Joey and Jen "Rainbows and butterflies" (While skipping down the hall) -Joey and Jen (The whole class is speaking about how America rocks, then Dan sings) "Oh Canada!" -History Class The Butt Thorn -Jen, Anna and Jamie Well honey, the rest of us only have two, how many do you have? -Ms.G talking to Luis about his 'Bresteseseses' BoooOOOOOooo -Jen,Anna, and Jamie Respect my authority -Jen and Anna That would be........the MORMONS!!! -Jen and Anna The tables are white! -Gio,Tyler, and Anna Get your cotton-pickin' hands off of it! How racest! -Mr.Ritter's class White Chicks! Speaking of which, where is Zach today? -Mrs.Martines(Lorie) I'll be right back.........where was I going? -Anna, Tyler, and Gio Jen:I don't wanna know Joey: Yeah, my uncles part monkey Jen:I told you, I don't wanna know Joey: He hurt his arm and they had to put a monkey muscle in Jen: EWW! I told you, I didn't want to know!!!! -Jen and Joey and Joey's Unkey Munkle Poke the Penguin!(Or the Jen, which ever is closest!) -Jen and Anna Gio:Huh, I never notice this before....Edwin walks like a penguin Anna: Yeah, and he's always wearing a white shirt with a black jacket.. Gio: Hey Edquin! -Gio and Anna Castor Sized! -Anna, Mandi, and Jen BIG love -Anna, Mandi and Jen This NEVER leaves the basement! -Anna, Jen and Mandi Stop moving the sheets, you're making wind! -Anna to Mandi and Jen Anna: Mandi, the British totally got there after the indians Mandi: No, the british were there before the indians, which is why they talk funny Anna: No, not unless they were British Indians -Anna and Mandi Lady? Lady?! Ladyladylady? La- *smack into a window with a painting on it* -Anna at the roller rink I can't walk in stright circles! -Anna Anna: That guy's so hott! Jenn: That's JOE!!! -Anna and Jen at Wal*Mart Bite it off Daria, Bite it off!! -Gio to Daria at lunch. Derek:Ok, so if we want aliens, we just strap a porno picture of all the females to a satellite, with a map to earth, and say come visit! -Derek in our Early Mornin Science class Erica (Somewhere in the background) Retard! -Fred, Anna and Lauren The door is getting closer, I know it! I can see it! *Smack* (Btw, she had her hands out in front of her) -Kate in her own room Ornage -Tara Gio's little thingy wiggles! -Anna to Ms.G Joey:Jenn, can I borrow your calculator Jen: No! Alfonzo: You can use mine Joey Joey: No, I don't borrow it from people Jen: What am I, an ALIEN?!?! -Jen and Joey in math class Hey, I'd clam up too if MY dad were Satan.-Kurt

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